Thursday, August 14, 2014

Playroom in the Closet {30sf to play}

I haven't posted in a while, mostly because during the summer I try to jam pack my kids lives with special outings, vacations, camps, and fun. Also because I didn't feel like I had too much that needed to be shared, of course until now! I have a small, long, low closet under our stairs which seems to harbor a rotation of random bins, trash, bags, various cleaning supplies, and all around clutter. I hate it. Then one day it hit me. I have a garage 5 feet from that closet that I use for storage, which is actually very well organized (and by no means will it ever hold a car, it is a giant storage unit). Why was I using this really awkward space for storage at all? I have complained to myself numerous times that I didn't have a fun playspace for the girls (1500sf home, no spare rooms) and though I realize YES the girls have their own rooms which they can play in, they rarely go upstairs during the day. They prefer to be downstairs (as do I), close to the crafts, yard, toys, and puzzles that I WONT let into their rooms for fear of disaster away from my watchful eye. Thus, the playroom closet idea was born. I searched pinterest but only saw large spaces or really boring spaces, so no inspiration there. I drew from my creative chi within and saw twinkle lights, a cute, cozy cubby for reading, a fuzzy carpet for laying on to play with toys, a dress up wall easy to find the perfect dress. I saw blue. LOTS OF BLUE. So I enlisted my husband for a weekend project and headed to one of my favorite decor stores, Target, and let the fun begin. I spent under $100 at Target and came home with a rug, curtain and rod, cubbie unit, and twinkle lights. I made a banner from paper and reused some spare fabric bins from my closet.

We did run into a few issues, the biggest was the cubbie. The room is exactly 36" wide a the baseboard, and 37" wide at the walls. The cubbie is 36.5" wide, which I didn't think to measure from the baseboards of course, so it wouldn't fit on the floor. We also assembled it then realized there was no way to get it way back into the closet and turn it into position. It was impossible. So we had to disassemble and reassemble it with a little elbow grease and sweat so that it would in fact face the correct direction, then once pushed into place, we cut some spare wood from the garage into legs which held i just above the baseboards so that it would in fact fit. WHEW.

Here are the before and after photos. What do you think?


Why it the wall patched? I cut it open to see if I could remove it to add height. NOPE. Thats the landing support. OOPS.


Removed the door and added a curtain.

Twinkle lights make it nice and bright in here. There is no power source in here, so we ran an extension cord around the corner behind my desk in the livingroom. I had some hooks and a spice rack laying around from ikea (which I painted blue) and used for dress up supplies.

The bulk of the closet is n the back under a low ceiling (just a few feet tall), the perfect spot for a secret cozy book nook.

A few cute papers and some twine make a cute decoration that also hides the power cords and makes the tall space in the front of the closet flow into the lower space.